We Support Small Business Saturday

Did you know that tomorrow is Small Business Saturday? Basically,it’s all about supporting your local small businesses.

Now I’m not about to ask you to come support us, as I know, many of you will, as you do everyday, but what I do want you to do is possibly follow my lead and maybe think about how you could, even if its just for one day, support the other local businesses which day in, day out offer up superb, personal products and services……

Here’s what I’m going to do different tomorrow in 3 small ways….

  1. The Sunflower Sandwich Bar daily newspapers will not be bought in Tesco, but from award winning Newsagent, Roy F Nesbit in Ballyholme.
  2. My first Christmas present will be bought from my very good friends, with the best selection, sweet shop, Curious Candy.
  3. I won’t be visiting my “Chain off sales” for my Saturday Night Tipple, I’m going to go to Grange Wine store in Holywood, where you will not only find a better range, but expert, and friendly service from owner Tom and his team.

If we all even just did 1 little thing to help our Small Businesses tomorrow, it would be a huge step, in securing the future of these unique, personable, hardworking companies……..

Bangor Chamber of Commerce

Please help support our local economy….

With yours, mine and everyone else’s help, this could be quite epic! Thanks for taking the time to read this status, and please feel free to share it and spread the message!

David, General Business Manager, Sunflower Sandwich Company

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